Church mini buses

Church mini buses are popular because churches want to be able to provide additional service to their patrons. On the one hand, having a bus to transport church goers is a great service, especially for the elderly, who sometimes cannot afford to constantly provide their own transportation. On the other hand, a church cannot often afford to provide such transportation either. The church mini bus provides an excellent solution. First of all, it is less expensive than a mid size or full size bus. Second, it allows a non-cdl driver to operate it. While it is an investment, and a fairly significant one at that, it is far less of an investment than a big expensive bus that requires someone with extra driving experience to operate it. It is also more efficient. God forbid (no pun intended) a church get a bus that seats 40 passengers and only fills ten of the seats! And you have to find a volunteer cdl driver, or pay one! A church minibus with no cdl driver and 10 out of 14 seats filled is a much better scenario.

Church Minibuses for Sale

The key ingredient in finding an effective solution in a church mini bus for sale is to ensure that it is no more than 14 passengers. This makes it a non-cdl bus, and therefore one that anyone can drive, theoretically. A church is a congregation of people, and one of those people is likely to be willing to volunteer to operate the bus. Whereas if a cdl is required, you are much less likely to have a volunteer ready in waiting to operate the bus for the church.

It would also be relatively easy to organize a church mini bus service in the parish. In the scenario of the larger bus, you need to first raise the funds, which even for a relatively inexpensive bus could be 30,000 or more, and then find the driver. You are putting a lot of responsibility on the volunteers if they are CDL drivers and they commit to driving the bus.. I hope you get 5 or 10 volunteers! In the second scenario, literally anyone with a license can volunteer, so you will be hard pressed to NOT have so many people willing to help out. And in this case, you can get a church mini bus in decent shape for around ten grand at most. If anything, you should be think 2 church mini buses as opposed to 1 larger bus!